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At Barnett Financial Partners, we engage in comprehensive investment planning with our clients. We will work to help you attain financial independence and achieve your goals.

Most Financial Advisors think of investment planning as a one-time event. We view investment planning as an ongoing process. Our investment planning process involves understanding the concept of Critical Financial Events. These are anything and everything that pertain to and affect your finances either now or in the future. It could be retiring, losing a job, or planning for a child's education. Some of these things people enjoy thinking about, while others they don't--but, we still need a strategy to deal with them.

Each person's life will have its own pattern of Critical Financial Events. We believe you will be much happier throughout your life if you have planned for the different possible outcomes that may occur. Our purpose is to help cushion the effects of the Critical Financial Events in your life so you can stay on track and reach your financial goals.

We do this by first examining your current financial situation. Just as a doctor takes your medical history before making any treatment recommendations, we need to have a complete understanding of you financial health before giving any advice. Based on this information, we create an overall investment plan, known as an Envision® plan. We then suggest approaches and investment strategies to implement the plan. We explain the options available to you and discuss the implications of each one.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of our career is to help people make informed decisions about their financial future. There are many pieces to the financial puzzle, and we truly enjoy helping people put those pieces together. In this way, we can help our clients face the future with anticipation and not apprehension; and, this is especially important during times of economic uncertainty.

We have in-depth experience in investment planning and management, but we also provide access to outside professionals with the experience necessary to help you build a successful wealth management plan. We will also work with any professionals with whom you have already established a relationship.

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